Redlands Property Services Ltd


Installation & Works

We will carry out all works as specified on this order.  To enable continuous improvement to our work we reserve the right to make any appropriate modification or adjustment to the products specified.

 The company will make every reasonable endeavour to ensure you receive a quality service and that you are very satisfied with our service

 We plan to start work on the date given and complete within the estimated time given for the job.  However schedules can be affected by situations beyond our control. Consequently we cannot be held responsible for delays or any consequential loss for delays in starting work or the time to complete a job.

Integrating New Work with Existing Systems and Current Regulations

During the survey stage of preparing a quotation we endeavour to advise the client if any aspect of their heating or plumbing system does not meet current Building Regulations. We cannot be responsible for the subsequent costs if obsolete or dilapidated aspects of an existing system are subsequently discovered which adversely affect a new installation and we cannot be responsible for any existing parts of a system which are incorrectly installed. We cannot be held responsible for any subsequent issues when joining on to existing pipe work.

 We cannot be held responsible for damage or costs to rectify leaks remote from the new work we have undertaken where chemical flushing agents have been used or anti corrosion inhibitor added to the system

We recommend that all boilers, in particular Combi Boilers be installed in conjunction with a water softener.  Hard water can severely impair the operation of this type of boiler and consequently we cannot accept liability for failures directly caused by water borne or lime scale deposits.  Manufacturers of all types of cylinders are becoming more particular when watersofteners are not installed, and cylinders fail under warranty.

 We recommend that prior to a new boiler installation, that the entire system is power flushed and inhibitor added to comply with the manufacturers warranty, except where a system filter is fitted.  Customers not undertaking such works will be required to sign a waiver to such effect and Redlands Property Services will not responsible for any subsequent issues as a result of sludge and debris. Any resolution will be further chargeable.

Damage to Property.

All reasonable care will be taken to protect your property from damage during work.  We will also make good to a reasonable standard any damage caused during routing of pipes, wires or installing boilers.  Also we will clean up and tidy the site before leaving the job.   

We will not accept any responsibility for damage that results from structural or fabric defects in the building, nor existing defects in oil, gas, water or electrical installations, or spillages from incorrectly installed or poorly maintained water systems. We will not accept responsibility for damage caused by others.

 The client is asked to remove any furniture, ornaments and drapes surrounding the area of work.  We are not responsible for any damage caused to such items moved by us to access the working area.


If you decide to cancel your work once the contract has started you must pay 50% of the contract price or for the work undertaken including materials used whichever is the greater.


In the event of additional work being identified during a job, we would wish to have your concurrence before proceeding.  Therefore we would ask that you are contactable during the job.


The balance of the account becomes due immediately on completion of work.  However, we do reserve the right to ask for up to 50% of the total payment due, up front to cover the cost of parts and secure works.

 If with your agreement the work is carried out in phases, the work done will be invoiced and payment becomes due at the end of each phase.